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  • Visceral Mobilization- 12/5/2020

Visceral Mobilization- 12/5/2020

This 5 hour course will meet at Hands on Health Manual and Physical Therapy Services Naperville office in 5th Avenue Station.

Cost: $50

Course is CEU credentialed for 5 contact Hours.

The diagnostic techniques covered in this course will give therapists a thorough picture of the pediatric patients mobility issues. This will allow to develop a comprehensive improvement plan and could also be used for periodic monitoring of patient improvement. In addition, the treatment techniques will be taught in a lab format that garners active participation on part of the therapists. They will be taught to carry this over with the family/caregiver and teach the exercises. Much of the coursework will focus on abdominal strengthening and treatment of gasto-intestinal issues. This will be beneficial to pediatric infant to toddler patients as they are learning to walk/stand/etc. Also, children suffering from gastro-intestinal issues would benefit from these techniques.