Hello and Welcome to a unique physical therapy approach performed at Hands On Health.

Over forty years ago I started work as a physical therapist at a hospital & Level One Trauma Center in northwest Chicago. I SAW EVERYTHING! While machines and exercises were staples in therapy treatment, the addition of some “hands-on” structural work created a result beyond expected norms! With manual therapy I have treated chronic pain & the debilitating effects of autoimmune illness, cancer management, TMJ, uro-genital & visceral pain, scoliosis, birth trauma and spectrum disorders.

I have been blessed to teach in the US & internationally for the Connecticut School of Integrative Manual Therapy, Northeast Seminars and Munich Seminars. Through this I have created Joseph Bodyworks, a manual approach to address disease and dysfunction. My great interest & study has connected me with treatment consultants such as, Dr. Gabi Zobel (Germany), international instructor and St. Louis dentist, Dr. Peter Pagano, DDS.

Lastly I have the unique experience of raising a blind, hearing-impaired son who lives independently in downstate Illinois. The experience has taught me the value of believing in an exceptional outcome despite other people’s fears or predictions. I would encourage all who have challenges to set a vision of where you want to go and “stay the course” despite others input. Keep seeking help and “beat the bushes” for people who know how to help you. Most importantly, when you, yourself cannot see the vision, get help from people who can.

I wish you much luck on your road to recovery.

Dr. Suzanne Joseph, PT, IMTC
Doctor of Physical Therapy